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Built with Pride in Sidney, Maine, USA

Maxm.Social is vulnerable to random power outages; the website will be inaccessible during those times. Your financial support will help us buy a computer server generator to keep the site online.

Maxm.Social is a place where censored, conservative, constitutional, freedom-loving, American Patriots can congregate, communicate and share censored content that is critical to the Great Awakening and the restoration of our Constitutional Republic.

Maxm.Social was created after its owner was permanently banned from Facebook for supporting President Trump in January 2021 after 14 years of never being warned, suspended or banned.

Maxm.Social's purpose and policies are based on Paul Grice's Maxims of Conversation: The Principles of Effective Communication

Maxim of quantity ~ be as informative as possible, give as much information as needed, and no more. 

Maxim of quality ~ be truthful, do not give false information or that which is not supported by evidence.

Maxim of relation ~ be relevant, say only those things that are pertinent to the discussion. 

Maxim of manner ~ be as clear, as brief, as orderly as possible in what one says, and avoid obscurity and ambiguity.

Maxm.Social and its network of private servers are solely owned and operated by a 100% Pureblooded, unvaccinated, untested, unmasked, freedom-loving, conservative, constitutional, legally educated and experienced American Maine Patriot.

All data on this website, except data owned and/or stored by all 3rd parties, is stored and backed up on private servers in Sidney, Maine.

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